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create unique key phpmyadmin

create unique key phpmyadmin - (0 replies) - Asked May 8 2001 at 16 11 - ( Mysql-General My sql database and unique keys . ) Hi, How can I have an UNIQUE key in MYSQL which differentiates … -- phpMyAdmin SQL Dump -- version 2.11.3 -- -- -- Host localhost -- Generation Time Apr 02, 2008 at 06 44 PM -- Server version 5.1.22 If we would put a -- line here to create him too many users might just use this DATABASE IF EXISTS phpmyadmin CREATE DATABASE phpmyadmin USE  yum install php-mcrypt Download phpMyAdmin for PHP 5.1.6 wget …

create unique key phpmyadmin. The PageSecurity extension uses two specific database tables. These tables must be created manually as part of the installation of the extension. Each table should have a primary key that will always to unique that is used . NOTE phpMyAdmin will create a link in the sidebar to the table you just created. If we would put a -- line here to create him too many users might just use this script DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8 bin USE phpmyadmin   Using phpmyadmin to create a table with two Unique fields MySQL NOT NULL, member access level int(11) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY ( id ), UNIQUE KEY phpMyAdmin dispone di funzionalità aggiuntive molto interessanti, tra cui il tracking delle tabelle, un promettente designer (anche se non del tutto efficiente), l Would it be possible for me to set the primary key to auto increment in my I need the system to create a unique membership number for them  I am playing with the Create dynamic sites with PHP MySQL by Md. id is a field in the dB and it is set at the primary key and it is Unique. Most web hosting packages come included with a number of MySQL databases. Though creating a database is a fairly easy task, managing one can be somewhat but -phpMyAdmin- reports the Column and it s key as NOT UNIQUE But if I use phpMyAdmin to declare You can specify other unique relationships later. e.g. CREATE

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